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Prayers for peace

In a world filled with violence and conflict, we pray for peace.

Browse our collection of peace prayers for specific countries and regions where there is conflict. Keep the people of the Middle East, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen and more in your prayers.

Or explore our general peace prayers which can be used or adapted for any situation where peace is needed.


Prayer for Sudan

We ask the Lord to open the paths of peace as we pray for the people of Sudan who are facing conflict and hunger.

Explore more peace prayers

Peace is...

A prayer asking the Lord to help us to continue to strive for peace in all its forms.

Gift of peace

A prayer seeking wisdom and courage for all those who work for peace.

May your kingdom come

We pray that God's kingdom of peace may come, challenging earthly power which tramples on hope.

Spirit of unity

A prayer from Sierra Leone seeking unity among nations, ethnic groups and religions.

One family

We pray that we may all live in peace as one human family.