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O Holy Spirit, you hovered over the deep at the dawn of creation.

You fashioned time and space itself in the initial magnificent flaring forth.

You breathed life into all beings and you continue to dwell and work in all
creation to sustain that life.

Be with us now at this critical moment of our history.

Open our ears to the cry of the earth, suffering the effects of human
exploitation and unbridled consumption.

Open our ears to the cries of our brothers and sisters living in the midst of
extreme poverty and hunger.

Give us a deeper awareness that we are part of all that you have made,
that we are intimately connected to all that has been, all that is and all that will

Grant us a spirit of awe and wonder as we contemplate the marvels of your
creation, recognising and giving thanks for your presence within and around

Give us a deep respect for all life and help us to renew our commitment to
foster life wherever we are.

Give us the courage to denounce all that disfigures your creation and to
commit fully to caring for our earthly home and for all the created beings we
share it with.

May we live lives characterised by compassion and service and may we
embody your love in our relationships with one another and with all Creation.

Prayer: Sr Gemma Corbett/CAFOD

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