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In the Beginning, O Holy Spirit of God,
you hovered over the waters of the deep
bringing life out of chaos.
Hover today over our hearts, we pray, that
where spirits lie crushed, excluded, neglected,
your love will empower us
to nourish human flourishing.

When the fullness of time had come, O Holy Spirit,
you overshadowed Mary’s womb
and fashioned God in human form.
Overshadow our hearts today, we pray, that
where seeds of dignity, health and fullness of life
await the warmth of justice, the waters of understanding,
your love will unite us to pray
and work for just one world.

With his last breath on the cross, O Spirit of Love,
Jesus gave you to the world
to fashion a new Creation.
Deepen today our joy that – far or near –
we are One Body in Christ, One in the Risen Lord.
Enkindle within us your fire of love that,
humbly, with compassion, we wash one another’s feet,
and together help forward God’s Kingdom on earth.

Prayer: Sr Vianney Connolly/CAFOD