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Sign up for a Pentecost novena

Sign up for a Pentecost novena

Join in nine days of prayer to ask God to prepare us to receive the Spirit so that our courage, hope and joy may be renewed.

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Explore our prayers for the feast of Pentecost, which call on the Holy Spirit to come to us and guide us as we seek to live our lives as God asks us to.

Pentecost novena

Nine days of prayer to the Holy Spirit, in preparation for the Feast of Pentecost.

Come Holy Spirit

A prayer calling for the Spirit to renew and refresh us as we work for justice

Breath of God

We ask the Holy Spirit to fill us with courage and move us to work for a better world.

Spirit of love

A prayer for the Holy Spirit to kindle in us the fire of God's love.

Lead us in your ways

We seek to follow in God's ways and pray that we may be prompted to respond to the Spirit of Love in our hearts.

Hearts ablaze

May we say "yes" to the Lord so that the Spirit in our hearts will once again be set ablaze.

Whirlwind Spirit

We pray that the whirlwind Spirit of God may roar through us and make of us a Pentecost people.

Fill us with justice

We call upon the Lord to fill us with justice through his Spirit this Pentecost.

Spirit of Pentecost

We pray that the Spirit may embolden us to speak out and lead us to stand in solidarity with all people.

God's transforming power

A prayer which asks for God's power to transform our lives, so we can commit afresh to God's work of compassion and love.

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