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Wednesday 15 March 2023 marks the twelfth anniversary of the conflict in Syria.

As the violence continues, and in the light of the recent earthquakes, please use these prayers of intercession to pray for peace and for those suffering and displaced.

Prayer 1

We pray for the people of Syria, who have faced more than a decade of devasting violence: that God may grant them courage and hope and that peace may reign once more. Lord, in your mercy…

Prayer 2

We pray for all those in Syria, whose lives have been devasted by years of fighting and who have also faced the destruction of the recent earthquakes. May the world not forget their suffering and may they receive the help they need. Lord, in your mercy…

Prayer 3

We pray for all those who have been forced from their homes in Syria, as they risk their lives to flee and find a place of peace and safety. May they find safe passage and may God open all our hearts to reach out in comfort and welcome to our sisters and brothers. Lord, in your mercy…

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