Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 24 March

Archbishop Oscar Romero with some of the young people of El Salvador.

Archbishop Oscar Romero meets some of the young people of El Salvador.

The man went away and told the Jewish leaders that it was Jesus who had made him well.

John 5:15

Saint Oscar Romero

Today is the feast day of Saint Oscar Romero, who was killed while saying Mass in El Salvador in 1980.

He was made archbishop of San Salvador during a dictatorship. At the time, he was considered a safe bureaucrat.

However Monsignor Romero was changed by long nights spent listening to impoverished farm workers tell their stories, and by the murder of a close friend. These experiences brought him back to his roots among the poor in the countryside of El Salvador.

Profound change

Saint Oscar Romero experienced profound change in his life. Despite threats of violence against him, he became the brave defender of those who had nothing.

The man in today’s gospel has his life completely changed by Jesus when he is healed of paralysis. But, as Romero experienced, an individual’s transformation for the better does not always please the authorities. In the gospel, the man is asked why he is carrying his mat on the Sabbath.

How do I respond to change?

Do I greet change - in myself and in others - with an open heart?

Or do I avoid change in myself and criticise it in others?

During Lent, let’s reflect on our lifestyles. How can we change in order to grow closer to those who are in need, in humble service? How can we build a world of peace, beauty and fullness?

Lent prayer

Creator God, I am sorry for the times I have resisted changing for the better. May we all be inspired to change the way we live and witness to our hope for a new world of peace, beauty and fullness. Amen.

Saint Oscar Romero, pray for us.


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