Lent calendar prayer and reflection for 24 March

HIV mother with son in Ethiopia - CAFOD in Lent

Mirkahb, who is HIV positive, lives with her son in Ethiopia

I will console them, give gladness for grief.

Psalm Jr 31:10-13. R. v.10

Mirkahb is a widow in Ethiopia. Her husband died when her son was only a year old. For years, she has been living with HIV.

She feared what people thought of her. She didn’t speak of her illness to her son, and suffered in silence. 

Thankfully, Mirkahb has started going to a health clinic run by our partners, the Daughters of Charity. She built up the courage to speak to her son. He was upset at first, but now he brings her the medication she needs.

She now has a new life. She has transformed a plot of land outside her house, once a rubbish dump, into a flourishing vegetable garden.

“This virus took a lot from me,” says Mirkahb. “I sometimes think it has taken my beauty but people with HIV can live like others.”

Mirkahb is an inspiration. She used to be afraid of life and was too unwell to work. But now she radiates strength. Her beauty comes from the strength within her.   

Lent prayer

God of gladness, even in the darkest of times, you uplift us with love. Praise be to you! Amen.


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