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This briefing is based on an analysis commissioned by the RSPB and CAFOD of UK aid spend on agriculture, assessing the contribution that agricultural spend is currently making towards sustainable development.

Key recommendations

The briefing argues that the UK government should seize the opportunity presented in 2021, both at home and internationally, to harness the potential of agriculture for people and nature by prioritising action in four key areas:

  1. Create a new strategic vision for agriculture and land use at the heart of UK Aid to harness its potential for tackling climate change, protecting and restoring nature and supporting livelihoods and rights.

  2. Develop a new approach to agriculture and land use with clear assessment criteria on poverty, nature and climate change, and apply this to all relevant ODA expenditure, including International Climate Finance.

  3. Transform the current portfolio of agriculture and land use aid programmes to reflect this new strategic vision, and stop funding harmful practices.

  4. Spearhead global reform of public support for agriculture.

Policy and research

CAFOD's policy team provides briefings, reports and research on our advocacy and lobbying work, plus materials to support our campaigns.