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COP28 London march

COP28 London march

March in solidarity with people on the frontlines of the climate crisis and bring Pope Francis’ COP28 message to the streets of London.

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We believe in tackling the causes of poverty. Campaign with CAFOD on issues such as the global food system, the climate emergency, cancelling debt and human rights.

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Fix the food system

The global food system is broken. It doesn’t work for those who work the hardest – small farmers – and it’s a major driver of the climate emergency.

Build bridges, not walls

Pope Francis has called on world leaders to “build bridges, not walls” and show compassion for those fleeing their homes, whether it’s because of war, persecution or poverty.

Stop cowboy lenders

Countries in debt crisis are being held to ransom by big banks and hedge funds. We can stop them, but only if enough of us act.

Human rights defenders

We're urging the government to introduce a new law that will hold UK companies to account when their activities lead to human rights and environmental abuses.

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