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Africa - Sierra Leone - Protect against coronavirus in Sierra Leone

A coronavirus training and awareness-raising session was run by CAFOD with the Inter-Religious Council of Sierra Leone in Freetown.

CAFOD was on the front line when the deadly Ebola virus struck Sierra Leone. Now, our local experts are ready to support communities during the coronavirus crisis.

Why CAFOD works in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is still recovering from a long, bitter and vicious civil war which devastated communities and the lives of its citizens.

The civil war had a devastating impact on Sierra Leone - more than two million people were affected, many of whom are still refugees in neighbouring countries.

Sierra Leone is one of the lowest-ranking countries in the world for life expectancy, access to education and standard of living. Almost three-quarters of people live below the poverty line.

Our work in Sierra Leone

When the deadly Ebola virus struck Sierra Leone, we were on the front line fighting the virus.

Through our network of local experts, we reached marginalised and vulnerable people with life-saving prevention information, hygiene kits, and food to quarantined and vulnerable families.

Our team also raised hygiene awareness in local communities, provided safe and dignified burials, and training for communities. 

This experience of Ebola, and our trusted relationships with local leaders, mean that we can make sure life-saving messages are heard and support is available to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

News from Sierra Leone

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What we do

CAFOD is the official aid agency for the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

With your help, we reach out to people living in hard-to-reach places, in war zones and those who are discriminated against.