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Middle East - Lebanon - Mohamed and family

Mohamed and his family in an Informal Tent Settlements (ITS) in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

CAFOD works across the Middle East with people of all ethnicities and faiths to protect human rights and build peaceful communities.

The Middle East is the birthplace of the faith traditions of over half the world. But ongoing conflicts in the region are a threat to regional and global security. Whole communities have been reduced by these conflicts to situations of powerlessness and material deprivation, their basic human rights routinely violated and their dignity as persons not respected.

21st-century eruptions of conflict in the Middle East, particularly the war in Syria, have killed thousands of people and forced millions to flee their homes in a desperate search for safety. CAFOD is supporting these refugees in Lebanon and surrounding countries, as well as providing shelter, food and warmth to those arriving in western Europe.

Meanwhile, those affected by older conflicts must not be forgotten: Palestinians living in the occupied Palestinian territory (West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza) and in Israel or as refugees in neighbouring Lebanon are among the Middle East’s poorest and most disadvantaged groups. 

How your donations help families in the Middle East

CAFOD works across the Middle East with people of all ethnicities and faiths to:

  • Provide protective advocacy, monitoring of rights abuses, and access to legal aid to ensure that people can live in dignity and peace, free from violence.

  • Help families to escape from the poverty trap through properly-paid work.

  • Encourage and enable young people and women to participate fully in society as active citizens, and contribute meaningfully to the building of social cohesion, peace and security for all.

  • Respond to the emergency needs arising from natural disasters and conflicts, and build community resilience and coping strategies.

  • Support advocacy initiatives that bring the concerns of our partners and the people and communities they serve to policy and influence makers in the UK and Europe.

News from the Middle East


CAFOD statement on Israel-Hamas ceasefire

We welcome the news that a deal has been agreed for a four-day ceasefire allowing for the release of 50 hostages and the delivery of humanitarian assistance.