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Colombia - FUNVIPAS - Partner Jenny and pupils at FUNVIPAS School for Peace

Trust and foundation donors have supported our Church partner FUNVIPAS in Caquetá, the Colombian Amazon. The FUNVIPAS School for Peace teaches boys and girls about peace and reconciliation, human rights and their responsibility to care for Our Common Home.

Partnerships with trusts and foundations make a huge difference to our projects and the change we seek, in more than 40 countries across the world. Working together, we can help communities that are most in need – through work that is sustainable, dignifying of those we work with, and has a long-term, integrated response to the causes and symptoms of the social and environmental crisis the world is facing.

Our professional team provides a bespoke service. We will keep you fully informed of how your gift is transforming lives with regular updates. You can choose the extent of your involvement, from attending events and meeting our staff to travelling overseas to see the difference your support is making.

We deeply appreciate all our supporters and a gift of any size will help further our vital work. We would be delighted to work closely with you to find the projects that best reflect your areas of interest and are in greatest need of your support. We particularly welcome unrestricted grants, which are invaluable to our work and mean we can respond swiftly wherever the need is greatest.

Kula - Full Image

Ethiopia Lent Appeal

Kula is a pastoralist. She lives off only what she grows herself and produces or sells through her cattle.

But, in recent years, she has lived through the worst drought in decades. This destroyed her crops, wiped out her entire herd of cows, and left her with nothing.

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