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Please give today to help thousands of people like Kula survive over the coming months, and make them better prepared for future droughts.

Ethiopia Lent Appeal 1

Three million livestock died across Kula's region, following five seasons without rain and then devastating floods.

Kula is a pastoralist. She lives off only what she can grow herself or produce and sell through her cattle.

But, in recent years, she has lived through the worst drought in decades - five straight seasons without rain. This was followed by floods caused by heavy rains falling on drought-affected land. All her crops were destroyed, her entire herd of cows wiped out, and she was left with nothing. Three million livestock died across her region of Borena.

Her whole community was facing extreme hunger and living in fear due to localised conflict over food and resources.

In 2022, CAFOD provided emergency food, new livestock and drought-resistant seeds for communities in Borena. We also worked with them to restore their pasture land, improve water quality, storage and management, and build their resilience against future drought.

Ethiopia Lent Appeal 2

Drought-affected landscape

Millions of people are now going through a similar experience to Kula across Ethiopia. Thousands have been forced to move in order to survive and are now living in temporary camps, often in parish communities.

Please donate now to help us provide urgent humanitarian aid and longer-term support for people like Kula. Through our local Church and other networks, help us to be the face of Christ for people in Ethiopia, who are some of the most exposed and vulnerable people in the world at this time.