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Family prayer resources

Use our family prayer ideas and resources to support your family's prayer life.

With ideas to suit children of all ages, and a variety of different themes to keep them entertained and occupied throughout the summer holidays, engage your family with their faith and what it means for how we live our lives as part of a global community today.

Prayer themes

Our Father family prayers

2024 has been designated a Year of Prayer by Pope Francis, in preparation for the 2025 Jubilee Year. There is a particular focus on the Our Father.

Use these ideas to explore the prayer that Jesus gave us more deeply.

The gift of food

Use CAFOD's family prayer ideas on the theme of food. Pray and reflect in solidarity with our global family.

Prayers to Our Lady

Celebrate any of Our Lady's feasts together as a family. These resources are also ideal for honouring Mary during May, the month of Mary, or October, the month of the rosary.

Praying with creation

Use these ideas to inspire your family prayer time around the wonders of God's creation.

The gift of water

We thank God for the gift of water, reflect on water in the Bible and pray for those who long for clean water for their family. 

Called to be creative

Use these ideas to explore some different ways of expressing your imagination and creativity with your family, and reflect on how these gifts draw us closer to God. 

Journeying together

Reflect on the journeys that many people around the world have to make as refugees, when they are forced to leave their homes by hunger, war, or natural disaster.

Global family

Use these activities to reflect on and pray for our global family throughout the world.

Other resources

Family activities and ideas

We have loads of great ideas for busy parents and families, including fundraising ideas and home learning resources.

Pray with us

Use our range of prayers to pray for all our sisters and brothers throughout the world

Children's liturgy

Help children to explore and reflect on the Sunday gospel with our resources.