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Lent calendar 18 March

Hand in of 70,000 signatures to the World Bank London office asking them to consider the needs of small-scale farmers.

If there is one of you who has not sinned, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.

John 8:7

The scribes and the Pharisees bring the woman who has been caught in adultery to Jesus. To put him to the test, they ask him what they should do. They are “looking for something to use against him”.

The Pharisees’ question is not about seeking justice for this woman’s lapse in judgement. The potential violent death of this woman seems to mean nothing to them, except as a tool to catch out Jesus.

How often do those with power take advantage of the vulnerable to make their point? While not considering for a moment the impact of their actions on those who will be affected?

Jesus knows what is really at play here. He sees through the power games and the manipulation, straight into the truth of people’s hearts.

He reminds us that none of us is perfect, and that before we rush to judgement, we need to stop and consider our own mistakes. As the only person there who has not sinned, Christ also does not judge the woman. He shows her mercy, and only asks her to change her ways.

So, let us watch out and speak up when we see people wielding their power in hurtful ways. Let us stop to consider the consequences of our own actions and resist the urge to judge others. Let’s consider how we can show mercy and encourage others to change their ways through dialogue and understanding rather than anger and condemnation.

May we always seek forgiveness for our own sins, before we look to cast the first stone.


Merciful God, forgive the mistakes we have made. Guide us not to pass judgement on others, and grant us the courage to stand up and question those who abuse their power. Amen.


Let us ask Our Lady to pray for us sinners as we say the Hail Mary together.