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They took the body of Jesus and bound it in linen cloths with the spices.

John 19.40

Triumphant Jesus

You raised Lazarus from dead, saying
“Unbind him, let him go free.”
You too were bound and laid to rest
in a cold tomb, freshened by myrrh and aloes.
Unbind us so that we may also go free.

In sorrow we left you as the dead Jesus
and in wonder you returned to us as the Risen Christ.
Untied from the strips of linen,
you offered us a new-found freedom.
Raise us from the coldness of the tomb in which we are trapped.

With this freedom we are empowered to make choices
about our lifestyle and attitudes,
But our human frailty prevents us from being courageous
by taking those first vital steps.
Release us from the self-imposed exile of our prejudices.


Tony Singleton/CAFOD

Recreate the world

Creator God,
Because of your abundant love
you chose to bring light and order into the formless void,
to create a world of unsurpassed beauty
and you saw that it was good.
We ask that you continue to recreate the world
with that same attentive love,
to bring light into today’s ever increasing chaos and darkness
where we have failed to be stewards and carers of your creation.
Replenish our hearts
so that we too can renew the face of the earth.


Kieran O'Brien/CAFOD

Broken Bread

God, whom we meet in bread and wine,
in body broken and blood outpoured,
fill us with your compassion,
that we may hear the cries of the hungry
and reach out to those in need.
Engender in us a thirst for justice,
that the hungry will be satisfied
and the rich sent empty away.
Roll away our apathy
that, with arms outstretched,
we may offer life in place of death
and hope in the face of despair.


Annabel Shilson-Thomas/CAFOD

Overcoming the Cross of hunger

Risen Lord,
shed your light on those who live in the shadow of death
and warm the hearts of those who have lost hope,
that they who daily bear the cross of hunger
may find your Promised Land,
and move from slavery to freedom.
As we proclaim your Easter song
help us to die to greed and rise to justice,
to abandon apathy and take up action,
that rich and poor together may travel the road to freedom,
and be restored to your resurrection life.


Annabel Shilson-Thomas/CAFOD

Resurrection Light

Risen Christ, when darkness overwhelms us
may your dawn beckon.

When fear paralyses us 
may your touch release us.

When grief torments us 
may your peace enfold us.

When memories haunt us 
may your presence heal us.

When justice fails us 
may your anger ignite us.

When apathy stagnates us 
may your challenge renew us.

When courage leaves us 
may your spirit inspire us.

When despair grips us 
may your hope restore us. 

And when death threatens us 
may your resurrection light lead us.


Annabel Shilson-Thomas/CAFOD

You are the resurrection

How wonderful, Lord Jesus, you came back
You suffered death but conquered it
You laid in the tomb but on the third day
You rose again
O joyful day, Lord Jesus, when you returned
You are the resurrection, our hope and our life
O glorious and victorious Redeemer
Help us not to be afraid of death
For we must pass through it to see you face to face
And on the last day we will rise again
For you said so
Let us rejoice and praise you
Our Blessed and triumphant Lord
On this happy, joyful feast.


Diana Ng-Sutherland/CAFOD

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