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First Sunday of Lent

We pray for those who go to sea and all those who face danger in order to feed their families. May God be with them always, keeping them safe. Lord, in your mercy...

Second Sunday of Lent

We pray for our parish community: that, in this time of Lent, we will listen to the voice of Jesus and grow in love of God and neighbour. Lord, in your mercy....

Third Sunday of Lent

We pray for everyone who struggles to get enough food to eat. May God guide us all to share what we can and to work together so that everyone may look to the future with hope. Lord, in your mercy…

Fourth Sunday of Lent

We pray for world leaders: that the Holy Spirit may open their eyes to injustice and guide them to speak out for what is right and take action to build a better future. Lord, in your mercy…

Fifth Sunday of Lent

We pray for everyone who is sick, bereaved or dealing with loss; and for all who support them. May God grant each of them peace and comfort, courage and perseverance. Lord, in your mercy...

Palm Sunday

We pray for the Church and for the world: that God may grant us the gifts of courage, compassion and wisdom as we face challenging circumstances together. Lord, in your mercy...

Easter Sunday

We pray for the peace throughout the world: that the Risen Lord will turn hearts from violence and open new paths to peace, and justice. Lord, in your mercy...

Lent prayers

Our beautiful Lenten prayers and reflections offer you the opportunity to reflect on your own or in your parish.

Lent family prayer resources

Use our family activity ideas themed around Lent to come together as a family in prayer as you prepare for Easter.

Stations of the Cross

Our Stations of the Cross resource is a journey of transformation, and can be used on your own or in a group.

Lent calendar 23 February

Lent Appeal 2024

Your generous gift can help people like James the fisherman feed their families, not just for today or tomorrow, but for good.